A Proven Team of U.S. Tax Experts.

Our partners are former Big 4 - leveraging their expertise to provide the most rigorous and reliable U.S. tax preparation and consulting services available.

They founded Expat Tax Professionals to fill a growing need for a professional tax firm for U.S. expats with a range of services to meet your specific needs - whether it’s preparing your tax return or advising you on international tax complexities.

We are proud to announce...

Expat Tax Professionals is the latest recipient of the prestigious Americas Expatriate Management & Mobility Award (EMMA) in the category of Tax Provider of the Year!

We understand how stressful U.S. taxes can be. And that’s because we have expertise in international law that’s focused solely on you, the U.S. expat:

Leadership has a name.
It's Expat Tax Professionals.

We’re here to give the professional expertise and peace of mind to make tax time less stressful. We are committed to your needs as expats, and we never stop learning, exploring, and staying proactive on the latest U.S. tax news that affects you.
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We also understand that every situation is unique.

Which is why we offer a family of solutions scaled to your needs.

Expert support from U.S. CPAs, EAs and tax attorneys at every step to tax compliance.

Our newest online platform for self-directed expat tax filing.

Premier boutique tax firm providing highly personalized tax compliance and consulting services.

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