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Disputes with the IRS can feel intimidating and overwhelming, particularly when the issue being examined involves international tax aspects such as foreign information reporting. Expat Tax Professionals has the resources and experience to advocate on your behalf.

Our Team


Our team of U.S. tax attorneys and certified accountants has strong experience and practical intelligence gained from years of working within the framework of the U.S. tax system and its laws, particularly in the complex areas of international taxation.

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During recent years, the IRS has significantly increased its examination focus on international tax issues, particularly in the area of foreign information reporting.

U.S. taxpayers living abroad are seeing more and more penalty notices relating to late international forms, such as the Forms 5471 (foreign corporation reporting), 5472 (foreign ownership reporting) and 3520 (foreign trust reporting). Penalties for late international forms can be particularly high, starting at $10,000 per form per year.

Expat Tax Professionals can assist you with initial responses, penalty abatements, and continued representation before the IRS. We also assist with filing amended returns or claims for refunds to avoid penalty imposition in the first place

We also help optimize your planning and compliance, negotiate missed elections, correct errors, and address other cross-border tax issues.

Our Approach


We combine our understanding of complex tax laws and familiarity with the IRS rules and regulations with what we learn about your specific circumstances to develop strategies that lead to favorable results.

Our approach is fostered by our confidence in our knowledge, the rigor with which we handle challenges, and the strategic way we enable the best path towards tax compliance for every client.


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