U.S. Persons with a Foreign Business

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If you are a U.S. person with a business overseas, how you structure your company can have a significant impact on the tax you ultimately pay. Our experts can advise on international tax planning strategies that best fit your needs.

US International Tax Planning

Owning a company outside the United States involves a host of tax issues that should be considered to ensure the tax efficiency of your business.

U.S. international taxation is a complex and nuanced area of law that requires a deep knowledge of the basic rules, the foreign company rules, and experience in their practical application.

Our experts at Expat Tax Professionals have helped U.S. clients around the globe strategically structure their business operations to achieve the best tax results throughout the life cycle of a company’s operations.

International Tax Planning for Three Phases of Business Life Cycle

International tax planning requires an understanding of both the U.S. and local tax rules in order to achieve an optimal company structure.

This is true during the whole of the business life cycle, which can broadly be broken down to include: the company’s establishment (phase I), the company’s operations (phase II), and the company’s winding down (phase III).

Phase I – Company Establishment

For the first phase of the business life cycle, our experts can advise you on the key tax issues involved with establishing your company, including:

  • Choice of Entity
  • Entity Location
  • Tax Classification Elections
  • Foreign Trust Classification

Phase II – Company Operations

Company operations often comprise the lengthiest and most involved phase of the business life cycle. Our experts have years of experience tackling cross-border tax issues, including:

  • Double Taxation Relief
  • Treaty Benefits
  • Withholding Taxes
  • Controlled Foreign Corporation Planning (Subpart F and GILTI rules)
  • Repatriation of Profits
  • Tax Reporting Considerations

Phase III – Winding Down

In the final phase of your business, we can advise you on ways to maximize the wrapping-up process to ensure that you’ve realized your business goals with tax efficiencies in mind. We can advise you on a number of relevant international tax planning issues, including:

  • Beneficial Capital Gain Tax Rates
  • Previously Taxed Income Rules
  • Exit Strategies

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